S Pony Classic Stirrup Irons
S Pony Classic Stirrup Irons
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MDC S Pony Classic Stirrup Irons $169.95



MDC presents the first high performance stirrup for Pony Riders. The MDC ‘S’ Pony Classic™ combines forward-facing design, traditional styling and improved safety for our smallest riders. The 'S'Pony Classic™ is a wonder in engineering and rider safety. Aesthetically pure in design, as well as show ring legal for all competitions, the MDC 'S‘ Pony Classic™ brings advanced stirrup design to the World of Ponies.

  • Invisible design produces performance advantages for riders of all riding disciplines
  • Provides a natural leg and foot position
  • Larger stirrup area gives more clearance for improved safety
  • Increased safety due to our forward facing design
  • Easy stirrup retrieval

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