Carbon Shield Heel Protector
Carbon Shield Heel Protector
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Veredus Carbon Shield Heel Protector $239.95



The Veredus Carbon Shield Heel Protector is a revolutionary overreach boot designed for protection of the whole heel area. Useful for every discipline and can be used on all surfaces. The particular anatomic shape and protective material guarantees a perfect fit* on the horse's heel to give total protection. 

  • Anatomically designed protection in an elastic material that conforms perfectly to the horse's foot, therefore eliminating rotation of the overreach boot itself. 
  • Carbon Fiber™ protection on heel area, which is at particular risk of injury and bruising. 
  • Double point fastening to ensure perfect fitting. 
  • Quick-release tips™ in non-deformable FLEXTAN on stainless-steel hooks. 
  • Velcro® pastern closure. 

Made in Italy. 

*Not recommended for horses with very low heels.If you need assistance, feel free to call us at 440-708-0674. Our experienced staff will guide you in making the appropriate choice.